All About Me!

Hi everyone! I’m Gwyn but on Pixie Hollow I was known as June. I was a water talent fairy born May 28, 2010 with a purple dragonfly named Bella. I was with Pixie Hollow till the end and I was so sad to see it go. But then I found Worlize, an online world where you can do anything! I started recreating pixie hollow and that is where the magic I was missing came back! I then learned how to edit and for the past 2 years I’ve been perfecting the art and eventually recreated my fairy June! Now that school has started I can only be online on the weekends, but I promise to post at least one thing a week!

Cya around the waterfall,



8 thoughts on “All About Me!

  1. Hi Gwyn, not sure if you remember me, i wrote to you a long time ago but i was your friend in Worlize, the one who made those awesome rooms, and i also did that memorial room for the pixie hallow users, not sure if you will see this message but if you do just saying hi! i still remember Flame magix and mystic rose, Julie tulip blossom, i remember you all XD ill never forget,, i think flame still hates me ahhaha, but ive grown heaps, i learnt so much in life, and also i finally graduated university, so hope to chat one day! if you have discord add me XD lol or just reply to this and ill inbox you or something iono. (also ive kinda gotten popular with some twitch streamers XD) but i wanna hear about how you are doing, i have so many screen shots from worlize i wanna share with you too! memories loads of memories!


    1. Hi! Haha Flame still hates you, nothing’s changed XD. I’ve been working mostly but last year I got myself a wacom tablet and I’d say my drawings have improved heaps since we last spoke. And Worlize still hasn’t pulled the plug yet even tho I was pretty sure. I still pop on to reminisce from time to time. I’m studying Graphic Design in college which is something I’ve grown very passionate about ever since all of those worlize pixie prom events Flame and I used to do. Here’s the twitter that I never use @Subtext_Spell

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